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friends and special people only
when the time is right

Jim Handels Devotion solo album

made by jim handel and a devotional tribute to mr Jim handel and all music and he,s where most of my music came from him and I used to spend many hours listening to music together
Jim and i shared a passion for music

mediterean diet cooking audio book
from audible
for you mum and to continue what we started i love you R. I. P

Draw Backs square roots. very old mp3 track
For mr Pete great guy

Derren brown audio book on memory
from audible
For my friend Jake a good close friend

For Tom a very close good friend from back in the day
radio goa from itunes radio

For ben and his awesome friends and band the people string foundation
from back in the day i owe you ben coffee look me up one day
your cool miss you and the deli still sometimes

This is for a few people who shall remain nameless and its great good bye
to all bad memories and times and just a few ladies i liked who were amazing but did not work out or go anywhere
from itunes radio or shoutcast cant remember very old wish i had the full version
love its still because yeah good bye

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